On Monday, June 24, 2024, The Lakewood Police Department is proud to announce that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) New Jersey, along with the families they serve and their many volunteers and supporters, has recognized the exceptional commitment and dedication of the following officers:

  • Patrolman Nicholas Cusanelli – #387
  • Patrolman Adam Rihacek – #421
  • Patrolman Bryan Vega – #428
  • Patrolman Adam Bylsma – #432

These officers have been honored with the Recognition of Excellence Award Certificate at the Annual MADD New Jersey Law Enforcement Recognition event.

We are incredibly grateful for their tireless efforts and unwavering dedication to keeping our roads safe from impaired drivers. Their exemplary service makes a significant difference in our community’s safety and well-being.

Thank you, officers, for your outstanding work and for making our community a safer place. We applaud you for your excellence and are proud to have you as part of the Lakewood Police Department.

#madd #greatjob #keepingussafe