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Lakewood Police K-9 Unit

In 2021, Chief Meyer recognized a need for specialty K-9s within the Lakewood Police Department. For nearly 30 years, the Lakewood Police Department lacked K-9 teams and relied solely on the efforts of outside agencies to respond and assist Lakewood Police Department with K-9 operations. The department currently has three K-9 teams trained in narcotics detection, explosives detection, building searches, article searches, apprehension, and tracking.  K-9 teams respond to assist on a township wide basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Lakewood Police Department K-9 unit is responsible for assisting field and detective operations in the detection, and deterrence of crime. The K-9 teams are utilized as an investigative tool to locate missing or wanted people, as well as evidence relating to crimes. Each K-9 team consists of a police officer and their K-9 partner. Each K-9 team attends specialty training in order to be certified consisting of sent detection, tracking/trailing, or patrol operations consistent with the New Jersey State Attorney General Guidelines.

K-9 Handler, Ptl. J. Dellavella K-9 Handler, Sgt.. M. Conrad K-9 Handler, Ptl. C. Rose
K-9 Shim | K-9 Kika K-9 Mellow K-9 Ranger

K-9 Unit Contact Information

Captain Leroy Marshall
Special Operations Commander
732-363-0200 x5349

Sgt. Michael Conrad
732-363-0200 x8389