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Suspicious Activity is any observed behavior that could indicate terrorism or terrorism-related crime. – US Department of Homeland Security

To report suspicious activity:
Dial 9-1-1
Call 1-866-4-SAFE-NJ or 2-1-1
Fax: 609-530-3650
or Call your Local Police Department
Lakewood Police 732-363-0200 ext. 0

The Five W’s: What to Remember when Reporting Suspicious Activity
1. What is happening?
2. Who is doing it?
3. Where is it taking place?
4. When did you observe it?
5. Why are you suspicious?

What is Suspicious Activity?
Suspicious activity is any observed behavior that could indicate terrorism or terrorism-related crime. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unusual items or situations: A vehicle is parked in an odd location, a package/luggage is unattended, a window/door is open that is usually closed, or other out-of-the-ordinary situations occur.
  • Eliciting information: A person questions individuals at a level beyond curiosity about a building’s purpose, operations, security procedures and/or personnel, shift changes, etc.
  • Observation/surveillance: Someone pays unusual attention to facilities or building beyond a casual or professional interest. This includes extended loitering without explanation (particularly in concealed locations); unusual, repeated, and/or prolonged observation of a building (e.g., with binoculars or video camera); taking notes or measurements; counting paces; sketching floor plans, etc.

Some of these activities could be innocent – it’s up to law enforcement to determine whether the behavior warrants investigation.

Reporting Suspicious Activity
To report suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement agency. Describe specifically what you observed, including:

Who or what you saw; When you saw it; When it occurred; and Why it’s suspicious.

If there is an emergency, call 9-1-1

Homeland Security Contact Information

Captain Leroy Marshall
Special Operations Commander
732-363-0200 x5349

Sgt. Leonard Nieves Jr
732-363-0200 x5413