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Lakewood Community Coalition

The Lakewood Community Coalition is a commitment from the Lakewood Police Department to our community faith leaders to improve communication and build a stronger relationship with the intent to understand issues and help solve these issues in your religious community as well as the neighborhood where they reside.

One of the police department’s main goals is to improve the quality of life in the community it serves. The “community” describes our residents, businesses, schools, and places of worship.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need the support and partnership of our faith leaders to ensure that our communities are safe. The Lakewood Coalition wants to work with all faith-based leaders and help improve the quality of life in the community. By working together and solving these issues you will have more of an understanding of the police department and our mission and as a result trust and respect in us will increase.

“The Lakewood Coalition” is a platform designed to hear if you or your members are having quality-of-life issues at your place of worship, or in their neighborhood so “together” we can work on fixing them.

We want to make you aware of what we can do to help in your mission as faith leaders and provide resource contact information through our website and/or provide keynote speakers at future meetings.

Upcoming Events

Photos from the inaugural Lakewood Community Coalition Meeting

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

  • STRAND EXECUTIVE BOARD -Karen Staffordsmith, Amy Freeman, Jeff Gerstenblatt, & Andrei Jackamets