The Lakewood Police Department’s Training Division is responsible for the commencement of an officers career and maintaining a high level of training throughout.

Headed by Lieutenant Robert Shimonovich, the unit trains recruits at the academy level in topics of active shooter, firearms, attorney general guidelines, policies and procedures just to name a few.

For our veteran officers our instructors conduct in-service training that includes use of force, vehicular pursuits, domestic violence and de-escalation training with a host of other required and elective training.

The training division also conducts tactical training with the patrol rifle, taser and advanced defensive tactics training.

The units core values include safety, professionalism, integrity and teamwork.

Training Division Contact Information

Captain Steve Allaire
Operations Commander
732-363-0200 x5332

Lieutenant Robert Shimonovich
Training Division Commander
732-363-0200 x5365

Ptl. Andrew Meyer
732-363-0200 x5365

Ptl. David Arey
732-363-0200 x5372

Basic Patrol Rifle Operator Class – July 2022