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Training Division

The mission of the Lakewood Police Department Training Division is to provide comprehensive and effective training programs for law enforcement personnel that enhance public safety, improve officer performance, and promote professionalism and integrity in the field of law enforcement.

Some of the responsibilities of the Training Division include, but are not limited to:

Develop and deliver comprehensive firearms training programs that focus on safety, marksmanship, and tactical skills.

Provide training on the use of force, emphasizing de-escalation tactics, crisis intervention, and other non-lethal options.

Provide officers with ongoing training in various critical areas of law enforcement to enhance skills, knowledge and improve performance.

Develop and deliver training programs on responding to active shooter situations, including tactics for securing the scene, neutralizing the threat, and evacuating civilians.

Ensure that all training programs are in compliance with the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines and other relevant regulations, and that they reflect the most current research and best practices in law enforcement.

Develop and maintain a program for field training officers (FTOs) to ensure that new officers receive comprehensive training and mentoring, and that they are able to integrate smoothly into the department.

Conduct regular evaluations and assessments of training programs to ensure their effectiveness, and make adjustments as necessary to meet the changing needs of law enforcement.

Training Division Contact Information

Captain Leroy Marshall
Special Operations Commander
732-363-0200 x5349

Sgt. Leonard Nieves Jr.
Training Division Commander
732-363-0200 x5413

Ptl. Jason DeBartolomeis
732-363-0200 x8358

Ptl. Andrew Meyer
732-363-0200 x5365

Ptl. David Arey
732-363-0200 x5372

Basic Patrol Rifle Operator Class – July 2022