Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of 3 platoons each made up of a Lieutenant, and 4 Sergeants. Under them are approximately 25 men and woman who make up the majority of the departments Patrol Officers. Ranging hours covering a 24-hour period overlapping to ensure maximum coverage during high volume call periods. Overseen by a Division Captain who is responsible for the day to day patrol operations 365 days a year. Officers and Sergeants work a 10-hour day 4 days a week with 3 days off on a fixed schedule for the year. Handling over 100 thousand calls a year for service from armed robberies, thefts, accidents, domestic violence, suspicious persons, burglaries and assisting the public with anything and everything when help is needed.

Under patrol is the school resource officers who oversee the schools providing programs for educating students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as bullying and school issues daily. They spend time with over 5,000 public school students in over 6 schools.

Lakewood is made up of 9 patrol sectors soon to increase to 10 and covers almost 26 square miles of roads, highways, homes, school, industrial parks, hospitals, lakes, parks and over 100,000 residents.