The Lakewood Police Department Communications Division is a 24/7 operation staffed by 15 Public Safety Telecommunicators (PST) and 3 Senior Public Safety Telecommunicators (SPST). All PST’s are certified in Basic Telecommunications and Emergency Medical Dispatching.

The Communications Room recently underwent a complete renovation which includes all new technology and equipment to carry the department for the next decade of dispatching.

Our Communications Division dispatches Police, Fire, and First Aid. They also work around the clock with outside agencies including the Ocean County Sheriffs Department, Ocean County Prosecutors Office, New Jersey State Police, MONOC, Hatzolah, Chavierim, and the LCSW.

Lakewood’s Public Safety Telecommunicators handle hundreds of thousands of calls a year averaging 100,000 calls of service annually. The division is equipped to handle multiple 9-11 calls simultaneously, which are transferred via the Ocean County Radio Room.

There are 5 dispatch terminals each equipped with multiple monitors, computers, and a multi-channel radio. Located around the room are large flat-screen TVs for displaying maps and internal/external video feeds.

In addition to the Communications Room at Police Headquarters, there is a secondary back-up facility located at the Office of Emergency Management buidling. This off-site facility is fully functional and ready for operation at all times. It can be used for special events, to relocate in case of an emergency, or to double staffing (10) in case of a natural disaster or emergency situation.

The Lakewood Police Department Communications Division is proud to utilize Spillman Technologies as their Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management system and is celebrating 10 years of service in 2016.