(photo array)On Wednesday January 22, 2020, A Promotional Ceremony and Official Swearing in for the 13 graduates of Class #107 was held in the Lakewood court room. Chief Gregory H. Meyer was proud to announce five promotions, four Officers promoted to Sergeants’ and one Detective. Sergeants’ Justin Pederson, Christopher Dibiase, Kevin Martin, Leonard Nieves Jr., and Detective Robert Lopez.

The ceremony commenced with “The Pledge of Allegiance” by Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller followed by the opening remarks by Police Commissioner Meir Lichtenstein, then the Official Swearing in by Mayor Raymond Coles, and the closing blessing by¬†Chaplin Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski.

Swearing in were the five officers noted above and the 13 graduates of Class #107. Officers’ M. Banuelos, M. Wolf, R. Meyer Jr., A. Esmart, T. Townsend, A. Guzman Jr., B. Guzman, D. Debartolomeis, W. Cuzco, R. Ingram, M. Gibson, J. Gianoulis, D. Smith.

This honor was witnessed by a court room filled by the recipients families, friends and their peers. Congratulations to all!