The Lakewood Police Department would like to alert the public to be on guard against scam phone calls especially from those who falsely claim to be from the Social Security Administration or a local, state or federal law enforcement agency. “These elaborate phone scam artists exploit the trust that the public has in their own governmental and law enforcement agencies against them. Victims of these terrible scams are not limited to senior citizens. These criminals are targeting any individual who is willing to provide pertinent information about themselves in an effort to obtain financial gain”, says Police Chief Gregory Meyer.

The scammer will often stay on the phone with the victims while they are going into stores to make their gift card purchases and tell them not to let the store clerks know what is going on. They even tell them stories to make up so they will not be refused purchase of gift cards.

Individuals will never be contacted by the LPD, Social Security Administration or any Law Enforcement Agency and be asked to submit money or information over the phone. If contacted by anyone claiming to represent any such agency and asking for money, please hang up the phone immediately!