(photo gallery) The Teen Mentorship Program is an out reach program that is formulated with the Women Officers of Lakewood Police, lead by Lt. S. Cunliffe. The Women Officers meet every other week during the off season and every week in the summer at the home of – The Girlz Headquarters “HQ” .

The Girlz Headquarters is the place of choice explains Yocheved Bitton, one of the mentors at “HQ” also known for the “chill”, a girls division of Minyan Shelanu since 2012. They provide activities, dinners, a shoulder, love and an open ear to Lakewood area girls who need to find their niche. The ‘HQ” was created with the mind set of “Sometimes life is not an easy place for a girl to be and she just needs a safe, fun, wholesome place to hang out with her friends. More than just a house, it’s a home. HQ has become a place for our girls to be themselves, be loved, and be heard”.

This past week, The topic of discussion was “WHAT’S IT LIKE BEING A COP”. The Girlz Headquarters “HQ” joined the women of the Lakewood P.D. “TMP”, for an interactive evening of learning, live demonstrations, including a police vehicle and duty gear.

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