September 22, 2023, At 3 p.m., Officers Jeffrey Emmons and Joseph Soriano, who were assigned to bike patrol, noticed Luis Martinez, 22, from Lakewood, NJ, holding an open container of alcohol in the vicinity of 1st and Madison Avenue. Dispatch verified that there was a local warrant out for Martinez’s arrest. Consequently, Martinez was taken into custody and issued a summons for the open alcoholic container.

September 22, 2023, At 5:30 p.m., Officer Matthew McAvoy patrolling in the area of New Hampshire Avenue and Woodlake Manor Drive observed Eysuanna Deas, 27, from Lakewood, NJ driving. The officer knew Deas had a suspended driver’s license and conducted a motor vehicle stop. Dispatch confirmed the suspended driver’s license and outstanding multiple warrants. Deas was arrested and brought into headquarters for processing.

Officers Joseph Mandelbaum, and Jacob Matthews assisted in the investigation.

September 22, 2023, At 4 p.m., Officer Matthew McAvoy was in the area of 2nd street and observed Sergio Baltazar, 41, from Lakewood, NJ from previous interactions. Dispatched confirmed multiple warrants and Baltazar was arrested and processed.

Officer Joseph Mandelbaum assisted in the investigation.

September 23, 2023, At 1 a.m., Officer Adam Rihacek patrolled the area of Monmouth Avenue and 1st. and observed a traffic violation by Emanuel Cruz-Vasquez, 36, from Lakewood, NJ. The officer conducted a motor vehicle traffic stop. Consequently, Cruz-Vasquez was taken into custody for DWI and charged with the following: Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, Unlicensed Driver, Failure to stop at a stop sign, and Failure to stay in a Marked Lane.

Sergeant Andrew Solomon, Officer Anthony D’Angelo, and Nicholas Cusanelli assisted in the investigation.