June 12, 2023 – At midnight Officer Anthony Prisco patrolled the area of Lexington Avenue and observed Megan Murrin, 32 years old, from Lakewood, NJ in the area. Dispatch confirmed an active warrant for Murrin and she was arrested. During the search incident to arrest, the officer found paraphernalia. Murrin was charged with the following: Possession/Use of Drug Paraphernalia and transported to OCJ after processing.

Sgt. Tyler Distefano and Officer Michelle Lopez assisted in the investigation.

June 13, 2023 – At 4 am Sergeant Tyler DiStefano was in the area of River Avenue and observed a traffic violation. The Sergeant conducted a traffic stop and the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt. Respect Tyleek, 18 years old, from Jackson, NJ was identified for purposes of a summons. Dispatch confirmed an active warrant and Tyleek was arrested and then released after the booking process.

Officers, Bryan Vega, Anthony Prisco, Michelle Lopez, and Adam Rihacek assisted in the investigation.

June 10, 2023 – At 11 pm Officers Anthony D’Angelo and Robert Meyer Jr. were performing a routine check of Martin Luther King Jr., a high-crime area. During their presence, a group gathered on the other side of the parking lot, causing a disturbance. Additional officers arrived to assist with the situation. When they approached the group, it dispersed, but those allegedly involved in the altercation remained. While attempting to gather information, Maurice Willis, a 32-year-old from Lakewood, NJ, became uncooperative and was subsequently arrested for resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law.

Sergeant John Macerino, and Tyler DiStefano; Officers Leonardo Shimonovich, Adam Rihacek, Michael Sheehan, Bryan Vega, Lukus Wade, Julian Guzman, Joseph Mandelbaum, Jacob Matthew, Christopher Johnson, and Richard Uriarte assisted in the investigation.

June 10, 2023 – At 5 am Officer Adam Bylsma patrolled the Buckingham Dr. area and ran a random plate inquiry on a vehicle. The inquiry revealed that the vehicle’s registration was suspended, so the officer carried out a traffic stop. Elizabeth Diaz-Perez, 29, from Lakewood, NJ, was arrested for DWI, and multiple summonses were issued, including DWI, reckless driving, suspended registration, unlicensed driver, and failure to exhibit.

Officers Nicholas Cusanelli, and Bryan Vega assisted in the investigation.

June 12, 2023 – At 5 pm Officers Paul McMillan and Jeffrey Emmons conducted a full warrant inquiry on Samuel Hudson, 56 years old, from Freehold, NJ, and came back with an active warrant. The officers located Mr. Hudson at the NJT Bus terminal and was arrested, processed at headquarters, and transported to OCJ.

Officer Sean Capper assisted in the investigation.