May 12, 2023 – At 8 pm Officer Matthew McAvoy was patrolling in the area of Clifton Avenue and observed Raymond Garcia-Garcia, 35 years old, from Lakewood, NJ, drinking in public. Dispatch confirmed an active warrant for Garcia and he was arrested, processed at headquarters, and transported to Ocean County Jail.

Officer Joseph Soriano and Ryan Laird assisted in the investigation.


May 7, 2023 – At 4 am Officer Bryan Vega was dispatched to the area of New Central Avenue for a report by LCSW of an erratic driver. Sergio Hernandez-Hernandez, 29 years old, from Jackson, NJ was arrested and charged with the following: DWI, Carless Driving, Open Alcoholic Beverage, and Unlicensed Driver.

Officer Dawry Desangles assisted in the investigation.


May 12, 2023 – At 11 pm Officer Bryan Vega patrolling in the area of New Hampshire Avenue, observed a vehicle driving without headlights. The officer conducted a traffic stop and the driver Teodoro Ramirez-Lopez, 19 years old, from Lakewood NJ was arrested for DWI. The following charges were: Careless Driving, DWI, Unlicensed Driver, Failure to use headlights, and Open Alcoholic Beverage.

Officer Anthony Amoroso, Bryan Rodriguez, and Nicholas Cusanelli assisted in the investigation.