On Monday December 19th 2022, Lakewood Police Foundation Hosts Spectacular Chanukah Party for Children Battling Illness.

The event displayed mini golf, a balloon show, a juggling show, prizes, gourmet food and nosh. There were approximately 50 children and their families who were at the event.

“This is a matter that is near and dear to my heart, as well as those of the entire Lakewood Police Department,”
LPD Chief Greg Meyer told TLS.

The event was coordinated by LPD
Community Affairs Liaison and
Lakewood Police Foundation President
Ben Inzelbuch and others “To see the kids smiling and having a great time means everything to me; this event will stay with me throughout the year,” Community Affairs Liaison Ben Inzelbuch said. “I’m honored to work alongside Chief Meyer and entire Lakewood Police Department to make sure that each kid had the time of their life.” .. see TLS for the full story.

Sponsors of the event include
Greenwald Caterers, Toys4U, Gourmet Glatt, The Custom Shoppe, TLS.

*photos courtesy of TLS – https://thelakewoodscoop.com/news/photos-lakewood-police-foundation-hosts-spectacular-chanukah-party-for-children-battling-illness/

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