In September’s 2022 issue of NEW JERSEY COPS MAGAZINE (pg 56), A great article was written by Esther Gonzales of the Lakewood Local 71 female officers/members celebrating their diverse sisterhood at the Boho Seminar Sisters-In-Blue that took place on August 23, 2022, at the Common Grounds Community Garden.

The “FLOWER POWER” article highlighted the female officers being enriched by each others strengths, individualities and recognizing their achievements as Lakewood Police Officers.

The article also made a special mention of the display at the garden of a “small tree standing over a beautiful marble bench (Herbert Celler-Calgo Garden)” that was dedicated in memory of Nicklas Shimonovich, a Lakewood Police Officer who passed away on September 5, 2020 on an off-duty motorcycle crash. @NJCopsMagazine #sisterhood #pbalocal71 #diversity #respect #humility #teambuilding #achievements #honor #loyalty