This year marks the 10th year of our fallen brother Officer Christopher Matlosz’s death in the Line-of Duty. Still after ten years of losing Christopher the pain and heart break does not lessen. For all that loved and respected him, we will always endure a continuous profound amount of sorrow and grief.  Chris’s loss has impacted so many of his loved ones and throughout the community he served. He will always be remembered by his humor, bravery, courage, compassion and his love of life. He will never be forgotten and forever in our hearts. Today we salute you my brother!!

Lakewood Police Headquarters Shines in blue remembering our brother Chris Matlosz #317.  It will shine blue until midnight tonight on Matlosz way, said Ben Inzelbuch (courtesy for the blue lights- Ben Inzelbuch, Community Liason; @eagleproductionco).

(photos courtesy of TLS).