Sgt. McCarthy began her career with Lakewood Township on April 15, 1996 when she was hired as a Police Dispatcher. By May 5, 1998 she had graduated from the Ocean County Police Academy along with fellow Officers from OCPA Class 70. During the course of her career she served as a Field Training Officer, participated in multiple CDS and Vice Crime investigations often in an undercover capacity, and served as an Investigator with the Ocean County Narcotic Strike Force.

She was the first female Officer in the history of LPD to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and on February 7, 2005 she returned to Patrol as a Supervisor. For the next several years she served in multiple capacities including Detective Sergeant supervising the Street Crimes Unit, Public Information Officer, Central Records Supervisor and most recently as a Patrol Sergeant on dayshift. She has proudly served under six different Chiefs of Police and Public Safely Directors.

Sgt. McCarthy has expressed that she has spent more than half of her life serving the residents of Lakewood and that she is eternally grateful for the opportunities and support she has received as she transitions from COP to fulltime MOM.

– *Mo, Thank you for your service and for paving the way for young women by inspiring them to achieve, to be resilient and to fulfill their dreams.