Recently the Lakewood Police Canine Unit was donated an explosives bomb kit from Tripwire South by K-911 Paws. K-911 Paws is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to Law Enforcement K-9 Units around the United States. Patrolman Dellavella #417 contacted the organization and came into contact with Shelly Marano who went above and beyond to providing us this valuable explosives training kit.

This kit is utilized to keep our two certified explosives dogs, K-9 Kika, and K-9 Mellow trained at the highest level possible and ready to keep the community members and visitors safe from potential threats. Having access to these odors is a tremendous asset to the Lakewood Police Canine Unit. Thank you K-911 Paws for this generous donation. Our K-9 teams will get great use out of the Kit.