(Originally posted on The Lakewood Scoop December 21, 2017)
Chief Gregory Meyer, assisted by his team of eager Holiday Helpers, took to the streets of Lakewood to put smiles on the faces of many, this Holiday Season!
Wanting to put a smile on the faces and lift up the spirits of sick children in Lakewood this Chanukah and Holiday season,
Police Chief Greg Meyer sprung into action.
“This year I wanted to visit some families of children who are going through a difficult time because of their health,” Chief Meyer said.
Despite his busy schedule, a few days later the Chief had a coordinated plan in place, and gifts – donated by local residents and merchants – were wrapped.
On Tuesday evening, Chief Meyer headed out with some of his administrative staff and assistants – including Leighan Neuman, Chrissy Vega, Sgt. Jeanette Shimanovich, Ben Inzelbuch, Ptl. Alex Guzman, and Ptl. Stephanie Campbell.
They were also joined by Lakewood Police Chaplain Rabbi Moshe Dovid Ehrman, and Hatzolah Paramedic Simcha Shain.
Before visiting the homes of the sick children, the group made a stop at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus, and gave out gifts to the on-duty nurses in the Emergency Room department – thanking them for their work.
The convoy then continued on to the homes of several families, and the expression on their faces seeing the emergency vehicles pull up in front of their homes, was priceless.
“Walking into each home and seeing the family so excited and happy, was so amazing to me,” Ben Inzelbuch told TLS.
“These small things can really make a family’s Holiday.”
The Chief says he was glad he had this special opportunity to brighten children’s faces.
“If A personal visit from myself and a few other officers could brighten their day, then that’s the least we can do,” Chief Meyer told TLS.
“It is important to pay it forward and I enjoyed the visits and bringing smiles to their faces, and couldn’t have done it without all the volunteers who made it possible.” He added, “Next year I hope we can make it bigger and visit more kids and families.”
Inzelbuch says this was an inspiration to him – and says Lakewood is lucky to have such a caring Chief.
“Seeing how Chief Meyer cares for each family and watching him giving out gifts to families and to sick children around town for the holidays, is definitely an inspiration and a sign of a true leader,” Ben said