Chief Gregory H. Meyer last month during promotions announced implementing a new security measure for the entire community “STRATEGIC RESPONSE UNIT”. The SRU will be overseen by Lieutenant LeRoy Marshall, this unit was designed to address the growing needs of the Township of Lakewood. The unit will operate throughout the entire town and they will be tasked with increasing police visibility at assigned critical¬† infrastructures, specializing in rapid mobilization and critical incident awareness training. The SRU will also respond to schools, houses of worship and any other major events with equipment and trained personnel.

The Strategic Response Unit will identify, and analyze all gathered intelligence then utilize the results to coordinate deployments. The Unit will also conduct daily counter terrorism deployments in conjunction with other Department units based upon current intelligence and threat assessments. They will also work closely with the County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement counterparts to ensure the safety of the residents of Lakewood.

A Breakfast hosted by Rabbi Charles Pinter of Bais Pinchos, the Chief introduced the unit and related the various tasks the unit will be focused on. Rabbi Pinter thanked the Lakewood Police Department for their efforts to keeping Lakewood safe. Following the breakfast, Rabbi Pinter gave the visitors a tour of the building and its various security features and functions.