Making sure our streets were safe and properly lit for the celebration of Purim was the Lakewood Police Department’s Traffic Safety Division’s priority.  The Traffic Safety Division is over seen by supervisor Sgt. Frank Work with the assistance of three officers, Ptl. Silberstein, Ptl. Alex Guzman and Ptl. J. Spagnuolo and three full time office assistants Virginia Floyd, Magaline Montes de Oca and Kessiarel Morales .  Traffic Safety Division also has close to 21 crossing guards.  For Purim, Sgt. Frank Work strategically placed patrol officers and crossing guards in the heart of the festivities for the safety of our public. *photos courtesy of The Lakewood Shopper

*Officers in the photo – Ptl. Stanick #239, Ptl. Kearns #336, Ptl. Mercado #370

*Crossing Guards in the photo – Roy Hoffman & Gianna Jackson