While making supper in my kitchen, I looked out the window and noticed three boys – around 14 years old – passing by. One was on a bike, the other two were walking. I took a closer look at the bike and recognized my son’s BRAND NEW bike that was stolen last week.

I grabbed my phone, pressed video, and headed out the door.

As soon as they noticed me, the one on the bike quickly sped away while the other two kept looking back and showing me their finger. Then they both started running.

I called the cops to alert them about the situation, and I jumped into my car and headed towards Route 9.

I spotted two of the three on bikes in the Sterling Place area right near the new duplexes. I was not sure at this point if one of the bikes were mine being that the 3rd guy was not with them. However, I did know that only one boy was on a bike and the other one must have been stolen. Keeping my distance, I followed them down spruce watching them cross into the school.

The officer, Ms. Jones (THANK YOU!) met me there and told me that she’ll be going down Oak Street. I followed her and sure enough, there they were.

After being questioned, they admitted that the bikes were not theirs and taken into the car. But both of those bikes were not mine. I knew that the third guy who got away had my son’s bike. I really thought that this would be the end of the story and that it would never be located. But thanks to the quick thinking of our police officers, it was located a short while later and I was actually called to come to headquarters to retrieve the bike.

I want to end off by thanking everyone involved; all our great police officers for doing such amazing work. I would also like to remind everyone that it is very important to lock up your bikes. My son’s bike was taken in the middle of the day, while he was eating supper and the bike was parked very close to my front door. Also, register your bike, or write down the serial number. It can really help!

Mrs. H.

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