Chief Meyer:

My 19-year old son lost a 4-day old phone in Manasquan late on Saturday night/early Sunday morning. The phone/account technology allowed us to track the phone to Lakewood, specifically corner of Lexington and 4th. I will spare you many of the details, however on Sunday, August 14 at approximately 7PM or so, the Lakewood Police were called and Officer Soriano Badge #352 and Officer Ward Badge #302 responded.

Officer Soriano took the lead, and conducted himself in an extremely professional manner in assessing the situation and listening to what all parties had to say. He exercised good judgment throughout, resulting in the situation being resolved. Thankfully the phone was located and returned to its rightful owner without incident, in large part due to Officer Soriano’s efforts.

My son and I thanked both officers for their service, but I felt compelled to write this note to recognize Officer Soriano’s work.


A Ciziten