(photo gallery) On Sunday October 14th, 2018, The Teen Mentorship Program and The Girlz “HQ” teamed up “PAINT THE TOWN”.  Chief Gregory H. Meyer also participated in painting over walls covered in graffiti and other eyesores.  Lakewood Officers that took part in the event, were Lt. S. Cunliffe, DSgt. J. Shimonovich, Ptlwmn. S. Jones, Ptlwmn. N. Clarke, Ptlwmn. S. Mahone, Ptlwmn. C. Kicki, Officer A. Guzman and Officer D. Dowden.

Special Thanks for Donations to the event:

  • Home Depot – 1900 Shorrock Street – (732) 920-4200
  • Pizza Plus – 241 4th Street (732) 367-0711
  • South Side Sandwich Shop Smokehouse – 315 Cedarbridge Avenue (732) 961-6126
  • Cedar Bridge Mini Mart – 317 Cedar Bridge Avenue