Chief Gregory H. Meyer would like to advise our community that Officials from the Lakewood Township Office of Emergency Management met and discussed the resources that will be available for the safety of our community.

As of 5 PM this evening, the Governor has declared a state of emergency. According to the national weather service, we can expect strong wind gusts around 40 mph,  reduced  visibility, snowfall of 10 to 15 inches, freezing temperatures and a chance of coastal flooding.

* Prepare for power outages due to downed trees and powerlines.
* Do not leave your pets outside.
* Limit travel to emergencies only.
* Stay off the roadways.
* Keep a shovel nearby, take breaks while shoveling.
* Safely check on neighbors and family.
* Have a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector as backup.
* Batteries, batteries.

The Chief would also like to say thank you to everyone with the department of public works, emergency crews, All first responders, Chaveirm, njShomrim, Hatzolah and our dispatchers, who will be working throughout the storm to ensure the safety of our community.