The Jewish holiday of “Shavuos” or “Shavuot” begins on Saturday  evening May 19 and ends at nightfall on Monday May 21. The holiday celebrates the 3,330th anniversary of the receiving of the Torah, a hallmark occasion in Jewish history that set the tone for all of Jewish observance throughout the generations, until today.

About The Holiday

  • The two-day holiday is marked with study,  prayer, festive meals, and family time.
  • Holiday restrictions include conducting business, driving, using electricity among many other religious restrictions.
  • Restrictions will begin on Friday evening with the onset of the Sabbath, and then segue directly into the holiday when Sabbath ends on Saturday night.
  • The distinguishing feature of this holiday is the custom for men to study throughout the night on Saturday evening, usually in synagogues and study halls. They will make their way to the synagogues, often walking many miles, close to midnight on Saturday night and will make their way home, again on foot through town, in the early morning hours on Sunday.

What To Expect

  • Leading up to the holiday, traffic may be heavy and rushed, especially around shopping centers, as last minute preparations are conducted.
  • Heavy pedestrian traffic throughout the holiday. Most notable is the large amount of men who will be walking the streets late at night and early in the morning. Families as well may be out late, walking to and from friends and relatives where they enjoyed holiday meals together.

(article courtesy of NJCA)