Purim – Purim holiday is a joyous time, commemorating the Jewish Nation being spared from genocide. Purim is an exciting holiday for adults and children alike. In the days leading up to Purim, you may encounter extra vehicular traffic at shopping malls, as families get a head start on Purim shopping and doing their rounds.

On Purim Eve and Purim morning, men, women and children gather
in synagogues to hear the reading of the story of Purim. Purim is
known as the “Jewish Halloween”, and it is customary for children
and adults to dress up in a costume.

Expect an increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Purim day,
as families head out to distribute food gifts to friends, neighbors and family. It is also customary to give out charity to the needy and charitable organizations.

In the evening hours, families will attend Purim parties in people’s
homes and banquet halls, celebrating with eating and drinking and
overall excitement.

A unique custom on this day is for adult males to drink alcohol, the
one day in the Jewish Calendar that this is encouraged.
There are no Sabbath or holiday restrictions, like we see with other
holidays. #purim2023