On Wednesday, February 28th be prepared for high-volume traffic throughout the town for the preparation of Purim that will end the nightfall of Thursday, March 1st.

Purim can be a very fun and exciting holiday. However, if safety precautions are not followed it can be very dangerous.  Please be aware that the Lakewood Police Department will be around to keep everyone safe.

Please celebrate responsibly! Drinking and driving do not mix, please make sure that there are designated drivers. Please also be aware that providing alcohol to someone under the age of 21 is illegal and it can be dangerous! Also fireworks are very dangerous and illegal in New Jersey!!

Be alert to the fact that, in their excitement, children may not be careful when crossing the street. Always be on the lookout for youngsters jutting out from in between cars.

Please be considerate to your neighbors during this time of celebration, especially in the late evening hours. By being aware of circumstances and taking a few precautions, we can have a safe and happy Purim.