The Lakewood Police Department would like to take this opportunity to recognize all who attended today’s peaceful protest to honor George Floyd Jr. Several hundred participants were joined by Township Officials, Mayor Raymond Coles, Police Chief Gregory Meyer and Ocean County Prosecutor Brad Billhimer as they marched down Clifton Avenue just after 1 pm.

Once arriving in the center of town, the large crowd, with many different backgrounds but bonded by a common cause, gathered together in Red Square where many had the opportunity to have their voices heard. The gathering lasted until just after 3pm when the crowd peacefully dispersed without incident.

The Lakewood Police Department would like to thank the Lakewood Township Committee, The Lakewood Board of Education, The Lakewood Chapter of The NAACP, our Federal, State, County and Local counterparts, the Lakewood Fire Department and EMS, our volunteer organizations, but most of all our residents, outside participants and the organizers of today successful and meaningful event.