In remembrance of all Lakewood’s fallen police officers that were actively serving (on/off-duty), Shrage Pinter decided to dedicate a vehicle in their memory.

Mr. Pinter invited Chief Gregory H. Meyer and some friends to attend an unveiling of the historic 1941 Oldsmobile vehicle, which will be used for police ceremonies and memorials.

The car may also be displayed downtown at times for residents to see. “We are touched by this special gesture by Mr. Pinter and the time and work he put in to make this happen, “says Chief Gregory H. Meyer. “It’s a beautiful way to keep the memories of our late officers alive. I have no doubt the families will find this extremely meaningful, and the vehicle will become a favorite in the Lakewood Police Department’s history.”

Mr. Pinter explains he always wanted to do something for the officers and their families, and he felt this would be a great way to keep their memories alive.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a
memory is priceless, ‘Pinter said. “That’s
why we made this memorial car with the
name of all the honorable officers who
served the Lakewood Community with dignity”.

*Driver-side door panel:

  • Hartley Richter (no badge#;Line of duty death)
  • Robert Woolley (no badge#; off duty death)
  • Edward Lampert #104 (off duty death)
  • Nino Pugliese #134 (off duty death)
  • Stephen Nickens Sr. #157 (off duty death)
  • Joseph Johnson Sr. #142 (off duty death)

*Front passenger door panel:

  • Walter Kerr #183 (off duty death)
  • Leonard Bostick #188 (off duty death)
  • William Preslar #270 (Line of duty death)
  • Christopher Matlosz #317 (Line of duty death)
  • Craig Lawson #355 (off duty death)
  • Nicklas Shimonovich #392 (off duty death)
  • Joseph Goertz #251 (duty death)

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(see article on TLS – photos courtesy,TLS)