On Wednesday July, 13th, 2022 at 8:30am, Ptl. D. Merrill  responded to 700 Hwy 70 Li’s Chinese restaurant for a fire. Upon Officers arrival, there was smoke from the roof and the rear of the building. Officers on scene evacuated the plaza.

LFD along with LFA and other agencies arrived on scene. The fire was contained to Li’s and was extinguished. OC Fire Marshall’s arrived and began processing the scene.

Lt. W. Butterworth, Sgt. M. Young, Ptl. M. Delvalle, Ptl. A. Caraballo, and Ptl. J. Pederson were all on scene and assisted.


On Wednesday July, 13th 2022 at 5:30pm, Ptl. Bryan Vega was dispatched to report of criminal mischief. The caller reported multiple forms of graffiti on all different locations of the residence. The graffiti appeared to be derogatory and/or bias.

Ocean County Sheriff’s CSI and Detective Robert Lopez responded on scene and assisted with the processing of the evidence and they also canvased the area. Chaverim assisted in the removal of the markings.

Ptl. Lorenzo Camacho assisted in the investigation.


On July 13 at approximately 0006 hours 21 year old Roman Garcia of Jackson NJ was arrested for eluding after failing to stop for detectives of the Street Crimes Unit. After an attempt lawful traffic stop for careless driving and an expired registration of the vehicle, Garcia failed to stop and accelerated at a high rate of speeding traveling west on North Lake Drive.  For the safety of civilians, officers and Garcia, detectives did not give chase and gave a description of the vehicle to other officers over the police radio.  Shortly after Ptl. S. Reyes spotted the vehicle and stopped it on North Lake Drive and Hope Chapel Road.  Detectives arrived and placed Garcia under arrest. It was later learned that Garcia did not possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license and had 3 outstanding warrants.  Garcia was issued numerous motor vehicle citations and charged with eluding on a summons.