April 6, 2023 – At 5:30 pm, Ptl. Matthew McAvoy in the area of Cedarbridge Avenue observed Megan Murrin 31 years old, from Lakewood, NJ. LPD dispatch confirmed an active warrant for Murrin. Megan Murrin was arrested and searched incident arrest she was charged with the following: possession of a controlled dangerous substance or analog and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Officers Jose Rivera, Michael Grant, and Jacob Mathews assisted in the investigation.

April 4, 2023 – At 11:00 pm, Ptl. Adam Rihacek in the area of Ocean Avenue observed a vehicle traveling in the center of the road crossing over the yellow line. Maikel Morales-Navarro 40 years old, from Manahawkin, NJ was arrested for DWI. He was charged with the following: Driving While Intoxicated Refusal; Failure to Maintain Lane; Reckless Driving; Careless Driving.

Officer Nicholas Romeo assisted in the investigation.

April 8, 2023 – At 6:00 pm, Ptl. Conner Woods in the area of River Avenue observed Mario Garcia-Tecalero 33 years old, from Lakewood, NJ. LPD dispatch confirmed an active warrant for Garcia-Tecalero. Mario Garcia-Tecalero was arrested and searched incident arrest he was charged with the following: (2) counts of possession I/II and (1) counts of possessing drug paraphernalia.

Officers Kyle Carrington, Jacob Mathews, and Bryan Rodriguez assisted in the investigation.

April 10, 2023 – At 10:00 pm – Ptl. Adam Bylsma in the area of Holly Street observed a vehicle with no headlights or tail lights on. The officer conducted a motor vehicle stop and the driver of the vehicle Pedro Ortiz-Velazquez 33 years old, from Lakewood, NJ was arrested after the LPD dispatch confirmed an active warrant. Pedro Ortiz-Velazquez was issued multiple traffic summonses unlicensed driver, failure/display documents; headlights;  and transported to OCJ.

Officer Leomaxi Dilone assisted in the investigation.



Mr. Byron Bean 63 years old, from Lakewood, NJ, failed to pay his rent for an extended period. An investigation by Det. Charles Messer revealed he attempted to settle the balance with a fictitious United States Treasury check. He was charged with Fraud.

Edward Genna 43 years old, from Toms River, NJ was criminally charged with Fraud/Forgery for accessing the victim’s vehicle title and getting NJMVC to re-title the vehicle in his name. Mr. Genna reported the theft of the vehicle when the victim left the state with the vehicle. An investigation by Det. Stephen Nickens revealed that a fraud was actually committed by Mr. Genna clearing the victim of any wrongdoing.