On Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 4pm, A member of LCSW recognized a Shoplifter that occurred earlier in the day at Foodex and reported it to Officer C. Kicki that the male was walking in the area of Madison Ave matching the description. Officer Kicki was unaware of the prior Shoplifting incident, and further investigated with Officer R. Laird. At Foodex the officers reviewed the surveillance footage and were able to identify James McColley, 43 years old from Lakewood NJ, shoplift a few items. McColley was charged with the following: Shoplifting 2C:20-11.

Officers L. Camacho, K. Ortiz assisted in the investigation.

On Thursday, December 8, 2022 at midnight, Officer L. Shimonovich and Officer J. Ganley responded to a traffic hazard in the area of Ocean Avenue from a third party caller. Upon officers arrival, Officer T. Morgan was in the middle of conducting a motor vehicle stop with the vehicle matching the description. Hernan Sanabria-Morales, 55 years old from Jackson NJ, was arrested for DWI and charged with the following: DWI 39:4-50, Careless Driving 39:4-97, Driving while Suspended 39:3-40, Unlicensed Driver 39:3-10, Refusal 39:4-50.2.

Officers B. Guzman, M. Lopez assisted in the investigation.