Gourmet Glatt sponsored food packages to multiple families within the Hispanic and African American communities in Lakewood. Lakewood Police Community Affairs Liaison Ben Inzelbuch coordinated the food delivery with a few Lakewood Police Officers to families who could not afford to purchase food due to Covid-19. Ben Inzelbuch believes that the community no matter how diverse, it is a close knit family regardless of background or faith, and are there to help the families that are in need.

Chief Gregory H. Meyer is so grateful for the self-less act and to be apart of events that are always looking to help the residents of the Lakewood community. “There are so many good-will behind the scenes assistance to the residents of Lakewood that have not been mentioned, however have not gone unnoticed by those that have been hit the hardest by this cruel virus; Lakewood comes together in the most difficult times”. (photos courtesy of The Lakewood Scoop).