In a heartwarming visit, Dawson Palmarini, accompanied by his father Vincent, stopped by to extend greetings. Many may recall Dawson’s unfortunate motorcycle accident on July 20, 2019, on Rt. 37 in Toms River. Post-accident, he faced a Traumatic Brain Injury, spent four months in a coma, and confronted PTSD and depression. Despite these formidable challenges, Dawson’s indomitable spirit shines through, particularly in his heart filled with love and care.

On a noble mission of gratitude, Dawson is determined to visit every police department, firehouse, and EMS agency in the state. His profound goal is to express overwhelming thanks to the dedicated men and women who contribute to the essential work in these critical fields. The Palmarini family’s journey serves as a testament to resilience, gratitude, and the power of human connection in the face of adversity.

Dawson was presented with LPD apparel, challenge coins, a custom LPD cup/mug, and a recognition certificate from Chief Gregory H. Meyer, symbolizing that his resilience will be forever remembered.

This gesture serves as a token of appreciation for Dawson’s strength and bravery. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for his visit, emphasizing that his actions inspire everyone to aspire to. Dawson, your impact on lives is profound, and your courage is commendable.

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