On Tuesday August 23, 2022, Lakewood Police Department Female Officers experienced an amazing community inspired garden event coordinated by D/Sgt. Jeannette Shimonovich, “Boho Seminar Sisters-In-Blue ” at COMMON GROUNDS, Community Garden. This event was sponsored by The Kosher Cookie Corner, that provided delicious fresh salads, Signature Iced Coffee and fresh pastries.

The event was inspired to Empower the Lakewood Police Department Women Law Enforcement Officers by forming unity, respect, and loyalty amongst each other; and appreciating one another’s strengths, self-determination, and confidence to succeed. Creating a safe environment that embraces individuality, cultural diversity, and social affiliations. Each officer were able to differentiate each flower and herbs in the garden and was able to bring home for their family and friends to enjoy.

*LPD’s female officers’ assignments: Administration, Patrol, SRU, and SRO.

Head Gardner Ayala Schlossberg, made the group beautifying herb infused lip balm, scrub and bath soaking infused lavender salt. These herbs were harvested from the garden that Schlossberg was able to place into containers’ for the officers to enjoy.

Tova Herskovitz founder and director of One Ocean County with the assistance of *Raizel’s photography, provided a garden tour and flower cutting activity for the group to take home and appreciate.

Herskovitz shared tips on how to garden and to find balance through nature and the community. She explained the fundamentals of planting a seed, growing beautiful herbs and flowers, by cultivating and inspiring Lakewood’s diverse community to appreciate simplicity. The officers were taught how to incorporate the *Common Grounds fresh herbs and flowers into beatifying natural products, that are the key ingredients found in teas, sauces, or skin/lip balms, etc.

Common Grounds is a community garden serving all residents of the greater Ocean County, NJ region. Everyone is welcomed to visit, participate, volunteer or create a safe space of unity and fellowship. Located at John Patrick Sports Complex, Lakewood, NJ.

*Special thanks to Chief Gregory H. Meyer, officers K. Rosado, J. Yahr, K. Bell, J. Mathews, K9 officer M. Conrad and SRO S. Mahone for their support and creative efforts, “building unity in the community together as a team”.

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