On Sunday, August 27, 2023, In collaboration with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security, NJSP, and the Parish of Guadalupe for hosting the remarkable event “Café Con Leche with a Cop.”

It was heartwarming to the collaborative effort put into organizing an inspiring gathering. This initiative brought together law enforcement and the community, fostering unity and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds.

The act of gathering over a cup of “Café Con Leche” fostered open and honest conversations, crucial in building trust and breaking down barriers. The dedication to creating a safe and welcoming space for discussions is a testament to our commitment to the community’s well-being.

I want to express my gratitude to the officers, officials, and volunteers who made this event possible. Your willingness to connect and have meaningful conversations exemplifies the spirit of community policing, and to everyone who contributed to the success of “Café Con Leche with a Cop”. Your hard work has undeniably made a positive and lasting impact on both attendees and the broader community – Chief Gregory H. Meyer.


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