[photo gallery] Lakewood Police Department and Bikur Cholim teamed up for a “Dispatch Training Course” presented by Daniel Brower, Director of Communications and Information Technology for the Lakewood Police Department. In appreciation, Bikur Cholim presented Daniel Brower with an “Exceptional Dedication” Plaque for his great service to “Bikur Cholim of Lakewood” and to the “Entire Community of Lakewood”.

Daniel with his extensive knowledge in communications, utilized the Power Point training method during his lecture to clarify and amplify the material successfully to the trainees. Here are a few points that were discussed in the lecture:

  • BasicsThere is a difference between an emergency call and a non emergency call, however every call should be handled with the same level of professionalism, respect , and courtesy
  • Call Types: Non-Emergency/Non-Response – Information type calls that do not require a response, Non-Emergency – Calls that are not emergent but require a response, Emergency – Calls that require an immediate response
  • Call Priority: Call Prioritization is key to making sure help is sent to where it is needed most
  • 300th Caller: Treat as if it is the first time this call has ever come in
  • Active Listening: Is not something that can be taught, but it can be learned with practice
  • Stress, Health, & Wellness: Important to de-stress, eat healthy, take a walk on your break